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Thousands of ebooks are discounted or free, including mine.

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All the books you see above are included in the sale. Browse and buy right here. An excellent piece of advice to authors publishing a new book is to add information about it to the back matter of all their existing books. The back matter is found — well, at the back. Meaning the end of the document.

Other Considerations

You do a couple of small fixes. Then some larger fixes. The oldest doc was created in , the newest in , using two different computers and different versions of Word. There is a Smashwords document and an Amazon document for each book. The docs are nearly but not quite identical. In my experience, a Word doc correctly formatted using the Smashwords Style Guide will have no problem being processed by Amazon.

As with so many other features of Word, you have to be careful with Styles. So far, only one of my 16 documents has had problems on upload. Not pretty. Its definition said Times New Roman point, but I suspect that when I created that style, my cursor was sitting on the one and only instance of point text in the entire document. Every paragraph to which I applied this style ended up as point once it was turned into an Epub.

Because this document had been around since and jumped the hoops several times over the years, I assumed it was clean. But of course the new style was an add-on. This time I will use KDP, since CreateSpace is no more, but first I have to wrestle a Word document into a proto-book, that will eventually be turned into an actual physical thing.

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Where the! More information at the Smashwords Blog. Details at the Smashwords Blog. Many of them were free. Free ebooks are considered problematic by many. Rumor has it they are picked up by persons deficient in morals whose purpose is simply to amass hundreds of ebooks — electronic hoarders, in effect. Oh, and Goodreads giveaways, in which case you give someone a free print copy, and often pay for shipping it to them. End of digression. Now, where was I?

Oh yes — free ebooks. I have deliberately acquired quite a few, mainly from Smashwords. And I have read most of them. Unless I download and start reading an ebook right after I buy it, it disappears into the universe of electronic blips that live in my computer. Unlike physical books that accumulate to form tottering piles on the bedside table or the floor , ebooks easily vanish from sight. And you know what happens then. Anticipating summer reading time, I had a look through a file called My Digital Editions.

I was happily shocked to find half a dozen titles I had completely forgotten about, sitting there unread. I copied them to my e-reader yes, I still have one of those and proceeded to read. Here are my impressions of some of those ebooks. The titles are listed in the order I began reading.

Extra — How Chefs use Sardines

The Crime Cafe 9 Book Set. A boxed set of nine stories by crime fiction writers featured on the Crime Cafe podcast with bonus interviews! A perfect accompaniment for a long flight, bus ride, or any situation that may involve lengthy waits. These books were originally published some years ago, but are still worthy of attention.

Hard boiled to cozy mystery, novel to novella-length crime fiction by nine different authors. Quality ranges from okay to excellent. In this memoir-in-vignettes, novelist Kevin Brennan Parts Unknown, Yesterday Road examines his life the way memories occur in the wild: in no particular order. In No Particular Order is a deconstructed memoir, like no other because it looks at life as it really is — a kaleidoscope of individual moments.

These are thin but tasty slices of life to be savoured anytime. Robbin Haysus Nikalishin was born on 31 October and became the first starship Captain to make contact with extraterrestrials. Combining hard SF with a coming-of-age story, this is an engrossing read. The future society in which the book is set is methodically constructed and fascinating. Abraham Lincoln Coloring Book, by A.

Representative collection of 16 masterly orations, correspondence, including "House Divided" speech at the Republican State Convention , the First Inaugural Address , the Gettysburg Address , the Letter to Mrs. Bixby , expressing regret over the wartime deaths of her 5 sons, and the Second Inaugural Address Carefully rendered from authentic artifacts are a Moorish textile pattern, an antelope-shaped wooden headdress from Mali, an Ethiopian cross, an Ashanti carved door panel, and other motifs.

Once the page is colored, apply window or other bright light source for full effect. Descriptive captions accompany each illustration. The reusable illustrations can be applied repeatedly to a background picture of a settlement with thatched huts and vividly decorated walls. Cemeteries, Vol.


The microfilm came from the National Archives. This book was originally transcribed in and has been reset in for easier reading. Because the listings are in alphabetical order, this publication is not indexed. The reader will find several places where the original record is cross-referenced for alternate spellings.

What you need before you publish: formats, ISBNs & more

However, if your target person is not listed where he should be, look for all alternate spellings anyway. There are quite a few surnames that were not originally cross-referenced.

Smashwords Survey Helps Authors Sell more eBooks (Smashwords tutorial series, #3)

We welcome cross-reference suggestions, please check our website for current email address or send in writing to our mailing address — both listed opposite. Quantrill in Lawrence, Kansas in , by Charles F.

Gregath publishing company incorporated current smashwords edition book listing - Документ

Harris, From pigtails to party dresses, this book has 46 endearing, 42 innovative, 34 eye-catching and 37 engaging page ideas. Alley Ancestors, by Gene Alley, 0. Alley-Barnes Connection, by Gene Alley, Alpine Flowers Stickers, by Maggie Kate. Ideal for enhancing gifts, stationery, other flat surfaces. Lomax, Alan Lomax.

Delightful anecdotes accompany accurate line drawings of barns attached to houses, an "open" log barn in Virginia, a "top hat" barn in NC, and more. Over 75 black-and-white illustrations. American Fairy Tales, by Frank L. Floman's department store window comes to life; and 10 other fairy tales.

Formal and everyday attire includes hoop skirts and off-the-shoulder dresses for the ladies and military uniforms, cravats, and waistcoats for the gentlemen. Wardrobes include lace-and-ruffle embellished gowns, a judge's robe, military uniforms, an elegant suit of green velvet, Indian-inspired frontier attire, and more - 32 costumes. Descriptive notes. Dolls of both genders and every age appear with formal, informal, and working attire from the Colonial, Federal, Pilgrim, and Civil War eras.

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Includes detailed descriptions of all garments. Black and white dpi scan - popular universal format files.