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This package of title from the Orca Currents series feature contemporary stories and compelling characters.

Ideal for independent reading. Read at grade When Claire starts to experience success she'd never dreamed possible, she worries that a magical event is the cause. After receiving a letter from his estranged grandfather, Samuel begins to learn about forgiveness and grieving.

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Kaz, troubled by his father's absence and a learning disability, discovers the real consequences of crime when he steals a watch from an elderly woman. This package features titles from the Orca Soundings series. Short, high interest novels with compelling characters, realistic fiction. Reading level grades After attempting suicide, Kelly Paddik is sent to a "secure facility. Fourteen-year-old Julian's parents separated when he was a baby and he is still angry and hurt.

On a road trip with his mother and her new beau, Julian finds that love --and happiness -- come in many forms. When Duncan joins a rock band, he must decide if he is willing to live the life and lose his friend. Eve is overweight, and her self-image is suffering until she joins a mentoring program and learns to accept herself the way she is. At the request of his late grandfather, Adam flies to France in order to perform three difficult tasks that involve a lost painting, a famous book and a forbidden cave.

Rennie finds out more than he ever wanted to know about his grandfather's past when he investigates Nazi war criminals in Argentina and Detroit. While riding his dirt bike on an abandoned logging road, Josh encounters a Vietnam veteran who has been living in the wilderness for forty years, and the two develop an unusual friendship. Briar has been chosen to direct a one-act play at her performing arts high school, but she learns there's more to it than imposing her vision on the actors.

Ian learns that the company that makes the uniforms for his school is reputed to use child labor.

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Pierre, a pampered poodle, is torn between his love for his owner and his dream of running wild in the park. Elliot Moose and his friends all want to be firefighters so they can ride on the fire truck. When the truck gets going too fast, it's Elliot's two smallest friends who save the day. Uncle Wally's Old Brown Shoe, inspired by the familiar nursery rhyme The House That Jack Built, follows the course of one very unusual shoe as it travels through a fascinating, imaginative world to encounter an assortment of quirky characters.

The imaginative text and cumulative story are sure to enthrall young readers, as will the detailed illustrations. When a tornado blows away all the animals on the farm and leaves behind a mountain of scrap metal, the farmer comes up with an inspired idea. A little girl waits for someone, a friend, she doesn't yet know who it will be.

In a series of surprising and humorous encounters, several well-known characters of children's literature arrive at her door. But none of them are the one she is waiting for, and she graciously sends them all away. With her bird to keep her company and hope filling her heart, weeks and then months pass as she waits and waits.

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When there is a scratch at the door one night, certainty fills the little girl's heart, and she opens the door to discover true friendship is indeed worth waiting for. Skip to main content. Orca: Picture Books. Unnatural Selections. Author: Author Edwards, Wallace. Author: Author Seto, Loretto. Waiting for the Whales.

Author: Author McFarlane, Sheryl. Perfect Man. Author: Author Wilson, Troy. Once Upon a Balloon. Author: Author Galbraith, Bree. Orca: High-Lo. Saving Grace.

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Author: Author Ryan, Darlene. See no Evil. Author: Author Young, Diane. Author: Author Van Tol, Alex. Author: Author Staunton, Ted. Lost Cause.

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Author: Author Wilson, John. Orca: Middle School. Author: Author Bossley, Michele Martin. Out of Season. Author: Author Jones, Kari. Author: Author Loughead, Deb. Rebel's Tag.

Author: Author Denman, K. Watch Me. Author: Author McClintock, Norah. Orca: High School. Who Owns Kelly Paddik? Author: Author Goobie, Beth. One More Step. Author: Author Fitch, Sheree.

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Please allow another 2 weeks for shipping outside Estonia. Add to basket Quantity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Delivery time weeks For Libraries. Larger Image. Keywords: Stealing Mystery and detective stories Graffiti. Description Goodreads reviews Taking a summer job cleaning up graffiti, Colin Watson finds himself a suspect in a series of robberies, which occur in the neighborhoods where he is working.

When Colin accepts a summer job to clean up the graffiti in an upscale neighborhood, he is surprised to learn the police consider him a suspect in a series of local robberies. But he didnt expect to become a suspect in a series of robberies. Every time he is sent to clean up graffiti, the police are nearby investigating a crime.