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The total casualties in the entire campaign, including the Battle of Saragarhi, numbered around 4, The Government of India have caused this tablet to be erected to the memory of the twenty one non-commissioned officers and men of the 36 Sikh Regiment of the Bengal Infantry whose names are engraved below as a perpetual record of the heroism shown by these gallant soldiers who died at their posts in the defense of the fort of Saragarhi, on the 12 September , fighting against overwhelming numbers, thus proving their loyalty and devotion to their sovereign The Queen Empress of India and gloriously maintaining the reputation of the Sikhs for unflinching courage on the field of battle.

Battle Of Saragarhi - सिर्फ 21 सिक्ख सैनिको ने 12000 अफगानों से किया मुकाबला - The Forgotten Battle

The 21 Sikh non-commissioned officers and soldiers who died in the Battle of Saragarhi were from the Majha region of Punjab and were posthumously awarded the Indian Order of Merit , at that time the highest gallantry award which an Indian soldier could receive. The corresponding gallantry award was the Victoria Cross. The names of the 21 recipients of the gallantry award are: [2] [15]. The epic poem " Khalsa Bahadur " is in memory of the Sikhs who died at Saragarhi.

The battle has become iconic of eastern military civilisation , the British Empire 's military history and Sikh history. To commemorate the men the British built two Saragarhi Gurudwaras : one in Amritsar , very close to the main entrance of the Golden Temple , and another in Firozpur Cantonment , in the district that most of the men hailed from. The Indian military , in particular the Indian Army, has been pushing for the battle to be taught in India's schools.

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They want it taught due to the heroism shown by the Indian soldiers to act as inspiration for young children. There were articles like these, printed in the Punjab's longest-established newspaper, The Tribune , in "the military action at Saragarhi is taught to students the world over and particularly to students in France. The decision to include the battle story in the school curriculum was taken last year during a public rally presided over by the Punjab Chief Minister, Mr Parkash Singh Badal. Following this, the State Government had issued a notification that the battle story should be included in the school curriculum from this session.

There had been a constant demand from the Sikh Regiment and various ex-servicemen's associations that the battle be included in the school curriculum. A similar request had also been put forward to Mr Badal during the battle's state-level centenary celebrations at Ferozepore in A subsequent letter sent to the Punjab Government by the Saragarhi Memorial and Ethos Promotion Forum had also urged the State Government that the battle has many inspiring lessons for children.

On hearing the acts of valour, the British Parliament had then risen in unison to pay homage to the fallen soldiers. Saragarhi Day is a Sikh military commemoration day celebrated on 12 September every year to commemorate the Battle of Saragarhi. The first recorded public discourse on Saragarhi was delivered by Viscount Lord Slim in when he delivered the annual Portraits of Courage lecture at the Imperial War Museum.

The exhibition successfully toured the UK and was seen by over , visitors. In it took place at the Honourable Artillery Company in London, [23] where it is also due to take place in Various senior ministers and armed forces generals have paid tribute to Sikh service by mentioning the story of Saragarhi. As of December , there are three Bollywood films being produced regarding the battle:. With regards to speculation about multiple films being made about the battle, Hooda stated: "It is good because there were 21 Sikh heroes in that battle and each one of them deserved to have a movie made on them.

So actually there should be 21 films made on them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indian Defence Review. Retrieved 29 July The London Gazette. The Print. Das Traditions and Customs of the Indian Armed Forces. On September 12, , the signal post at Saragarhi was assailed by about 6, tribesmen. While the 36th Sikhs took to their daily duties, the action of drawing boundaries on the frontier led to the Afridi people of nearby Tirah rising up in defiance of the peace they had held for 16 years with the British. The Afridis convinced their neighbouring Orakzai clan to join the cause and marched on the Samana.

A reconnaissance patrol sent out to the Samana Suk [the highest peak of the mountain range] on 9 September found that a strong force of tribesmen was assembled near Khangarbur; 29 standards were counted, giving an indication of enemy numbers.

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The next day more enemies arrived, pushing estimates to 25, The picquet at Dhar contained 37, and Sartop and Saragarhi both contained 21 Sikhs; the latter also held a camp follower named Dadh, who cleaned and cooked for the regiment. The enemy surrounded Saragarhi on 12 September, knowing full well that this would cut communications and troop movements between the forts of Lockhart and Gulistan, and that with the British forces spread out it would no longer be possible for Haughton to send aid.

The 22 men inside were led by an experienced sergeant in Havildar Ishar Singh, who rallied his men to defend their positions. The Pathans attacked at around 9am, but were repulsed with around 60 losses as the Sikhs fired upon the mass of men. Unseen by the Sikhs inside, they began digging beneath the walls. The enemy next set fire to bushes and shrubbery to create a smokescreen with which to edge forward. They concentrated their gunfire on the wooden front door, a defect of planning which presented a weakness. A signaller, Gurmukh Singh, messaged an account of events, though he did not pick up any incoming messages from Major Des Vouex at Gulistan, who could see the diggers clearly and was trying in vain to alert Saragarhi to the danger.

The smokescreen may account for why he did not pick up the flashes, although light is known to penetrate through such haze.

Battle of Saragarhi

More likely is that he was unable to do so, as he was just one man, doing the job of three. Heliography required at least three men: one to flash messages using the mirror; another to read out incoming messages; and a third to write it all down. It is not impossible that Gurmukh Singh could have done all, but the pressure of the situation made it unlikely. Haughton too tried several times to sally forward with a party of rifles to divert the enemy away from Saragarhi, but the sheer number of tribesmen meant he could not get far without being outflanked.

The Sikhs continued to hold back the enemy but by noon, one sepoy [an infantryman in the British Indian army] had been killed and another wounded, with three rifles broken by enemy gunfire. The battle culminated at around 3pm when a section of wall under attack from the diggers began to cave in; the enemy gave a final cry to advance and rushed through the new gap.

As the enemy crowded over their own dead and injured to get into Saragarhi, the few Sikhs remaining inside put up a stubborn defence but were forced to retreat into the inner defences. Ishar Singh is believed to have covered the retreat and engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Another sepoy secured the guardroom door from the inside and carried on firing, but was burned to death in an ensuing fire. The signaller Gurmukh Singh is said to have asked permission to pack away his equipment before joining the fight.

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The 21 Sikhs had made a valiant last stand, and the enemy had paid a high price for their victory, with around dead. The heliograph, the reason why the men fought to defend Saragarhi, would ironically be the source of their fame: details of their heroism were heliographed and then telegraphed back to London by a Times correspondent and then reported in newspapers around the world. The British saw the significance of this last stand in inspiring more Indians to serve and fight, and built two Memorial Gurdwaras: one near Sri Harimandir Sahib Golden Temple , Amritsar, and another in Ferozepur.

It has been brought forward and into action since phase one faltered and the Germans were pushed back to Kent.

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