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Books on Google Play. Account Options Sign in. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Get print book. Coming toward the later part of the chapter Elihu spoke and Job could not answer him because he recognized the voice of God in Him and through him. He came to his senses quickly and realized that God is Almighty and Powerful and he was a mere mortal that got besides himself.

Men can never be God so we need to humble ourselves and Honor God as God.

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The Moral is when you see your Brother or Sister in a fault before we go flesh like the three friends of Job lets go Spirit like Elihu. Let God use us to Pray Intercede and show the Love of Christ because we never know if we are caught in a situation and need an Elihu a Ram in the Bush. Jesus Loves you Sister Roslyn Joseph. God ignored Elihu in the final analysis, as God was making clear what he thought of everybody else, major, in this book.

We should do as God did, and ignore Elihu.

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A lot to pray about in your words here. The thing I noticed as well, is that the Lord only told the three friends and not Elihu to make a sacrifice and have Job pray for them. Nor did Job give God glory. It reminds me of how people hold God so responsible for everything that happens and they even try to use the boom of Job to justify themselves. But in the book of Job, God never rebuked Elihu, no sacrifice was commanded by God to be offered because of Gods anger being kindled, only against Jobs three friends. While the other 3 kept saying that it was his works that condemned him therefore giving the power to justify him as well.

I feel like a piece is missing. I personally think Elihu was God manifesting as a man. Job says he has seen god now. Also Elihu is no longer mentioned after God is finished speaking. I think this book is missing a vital piece. I may be grasping at straws but the most likely scenario is that a few verses are lost in the annals of the oral tradition which gave us the book. In those days Job was the most upright man in creation so to think that Job would be wrong and a younger man named Elihu was right means Elihu was not an ordinary man. Whether angel or God masquerading as man there is more to this than what we have.

I thought the same, that Elihu is either an angel or God himself. All of us are flawed human beings. And we can usually see faults in others before we see them in us. Nonetheless a Christian acting in love as an accountability partner can be of help as long as both parties are not going to judge one another — only God can judge. But we would not be acting in love if we failed to voice our observation of something that may not be right. I totally agree with J Worcester, Elihu comes and disappears mysteriously. He corrected Job and dissapeared then Job repented.

Thank you for the thoughts shared,was so fearful of blasphemy. The simple fact that Elihu is presented as the son of Barachel the Buzite, of the family of Ram, leads me to the conclusion that he is a simple man. Alain is on the right track here. Good exegesis first reads the original text and relies on the information there, before trying to posit supernatural images. There are many theologians offering guesses. Genesis is probably the best connection between Ram [Aram] and Buz, the second son of Nahor, the brother of Abraham..

At least the record in Job has those details. Exactly what I was thinking. No angels are presented with human lineage. This was a MAN, known to the other men there. He is mysterious, but he is not God. But Elihu explained that age does not necessarily bring wisdom but it is the spirit of a man that the breath of the Almighty breathes on which gives the man understanding. Job I agree.. I too think Elihu speaking in chapters was a type of Christ. The name in Hebrew means.. The Spirit of God has made me..

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Jesus is our justified.. He is wisdom. Only He can speak such things.. You should pray on that. Only God and his adversary knew that Job was being tried. The rest believed he was being punished. Even Job believed that. So how does Elihu know that it is a trial.

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Those lines made my flesh crawl. Not yours, friend. It made me bristle. The one person? He also lost everything, including his wife. Oh, she was alive, all right.

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  • So he lost his whole family, servants, animals. And his health. No antibiotics back then. He needed correcting. Elihu could have driven home the point without calling down evil on him. Did GOD wish that on him? Not once did he say Job was wicked. HE drove home the point without kicking the man when he was down. To draw any conclusions would be presumptuous. All we know is that the three were completely wrong and in their small minds who thought of themselves as to be wise, should teach us all something.

    God ways are way beyond ours. If anyone thinks they know the answers, then why did God allow Satan to test Job and put him through all of the incredible hardships?