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What is you BJJ story? I trained Taekwondo from I was years old until my teens when I lost interest. When I was about 17 years old, I found a JKD gym, that caught my interest since it was so different from all the kicking I had spent my life on.

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The whole street fighting idea quickly became a bit too goofy for me though, but the grappling aspect caught on, and we were a small group of about guys who really wanted to study it. There was no instructors in the country and we had never heard about BJJ to begin with, so VHS tapes, travels, competitions and YouTube were our professors Basically never lost interest ever since, and here I am, black belt, running a gym with members and travelling the world.

How did you come to create BJJ Globetrotters affiliations?

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I have always been a bit annoyed by how politics are influencing our sport. How people are being told who they can train with, and basically who they can be friends with. Travelling the world and visiting 56 academies in just around 5 months really opened my eyes to the fact that we are all one.

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That any person you meet can be your next best friend or change your life, no matter what affiliation patch they have randomly ended up sewing onto they GI. So Globetrotters is an attempt to shake things up a little bit, to provoke the traditional view on the Jiu Jitsu team structure. More than anything, it is a community of people, who believe in these things and want to spread the message. It has also become a great vehicle for creating fantastic experiences and friendships between many, many people who are involved. How many affiliates are there now and how is it going?

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Currently more than affiliated academies and close to individual members have signed up. I refuse to just lean back and wait for opportunities and great experiences to drop into my lap, so I am trying my best to create a life for myself that is full of them.

For more background story on the Globetrotters, please check BJJglobetrotters.

If you have looked at some of the photos or videos from there, I can tell you that it was exactly as amazing as it looked like. No filters needed! Two weeks of rolling under the palm trees, surfing, great food, fantastic people and a completely relaxing place.

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Through his blog, and the help of several hospitable members of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community, he orchestrated an epic thousand-kilometer trip around the world in Here at Grappler Mag, we are huge Graugart supporters. The parallels in our goals and his accomplishments are eerily similar. We share the wanderlust coursing through his veins.

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His responses are the epilogue to his book lost between pages stuck together. They are the hidden vignette after the credits in The Avengers. They are the answers to our fan mail. Grappler Mag: What prompted your move to the Caribbean? What has it been like training there? Christian Graugart: I have lived in Saint Barth for close to two years at this point and still love it.

After a round-the-world trip to train Jiu-Jitsu back in , I wrote a book about my experiences. Someone from the island read it and invited me to come teach since they were basically just a small group of white belts with no instructor. I flew over for a few weeks and ended up making a lot of good friends and coming back every year. At one point, I had worked on cutting down my possessions in life, including selling my academy through 15 years, and when I randomly was offered an apartment on the island, it was a fairly easy decision to give it a shot and move there. Never really looked back since.

GM: What sort of plans do you have for your return to Europe? GM: What are your goals for the immediate future? CG: I have no plans. GM: The main idea for this issue is inspiration to follow your dreams, would you say your visit to Moldova still ranks as the most inspiring experience from your travels? Has there been another instance since then where you've felt that same emotion?

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What are your lasting memories of Moldova? I think that many times where I have put myself out of my comfort zone and in a place that I did not expect to ever go, that has given me some amazing experiences and memories. CG: Not really, I pretty much do the same thing now. GM: The Taiwan chapter of the BJJ Globetrotter featuring Dan was by far one of the more interesting and hilarious parts of the book along with the epic shit during the storm in Jamaica.

He is one of the many people that I connected very well with on my round-the-world trip and who is still in my life in one way or another. When traveling to all these unlikely places, I quickly realized that no matter where I showed up - even completely random locations I had never heard about before - great friendships and experiences was awaiting me there, as long as I kept an open mind towards every person I met.

I had just arrived in Taiwan, exhausted late at night, when Dan messaged me after having seen my post on some Asian BJJ forum.