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Safe distances. Control of burning and unattended fires. The Board of Supervisors may prohibit any and all outdoor fires when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fires hazardous.

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Extinguishing unsafe fires. It is a violation of this chapter for any person to allow any open fire to burn under adverse weather conditions or unsupervised, or otherwise in an unsafe manner. Any such fire may be extinguished by an official of the Maidencreek Township-designated fire company or extinguished immediately upon request of such official. Unlawful substances.

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Special circumstances. In the event any Fire Company is required to respond to a fire which violates the provisions of this chapter, a service fee may be levied by the responding Fire Company.

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Enforcement Officer. The Maidencreek Township Code Enforcement Officer shall be designated to have all power necessary to enforce the provisions of this chapter on behalf of the Township. Criminal enforcement penalties. The imposition of a fine or penalty for any violation of, or noncompliance with, this chapter shall not excuse the violation or noncompliance or permit it to continue, and all such persons shall be required to correct or remedy such violations and noncompliance within a reasonable time.

Any development initiated of any structure or building constructed, reconstructed, enlarged, altered, or relocated, in noncompliance with this chapter may be declared by the Township to be public nuisance and abatable as such.

The Burning Maiden

Equitable and other remedies. No penalty herein shall prevent the Township from enforcing this chapter by equitable, injunctive and other remedies. The Maidencreek Township and its agents, officials, and representatives shall not, under any circumstances, be liable or responsible for damages caused to any person or property by reason of the provisions of this chapter, or by reason of the conduct of any burning activity in compliance with the terms and provisions of this chapter.

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Band Burning Witches. Maiden of Steel It's the end of the day and we have nothing to lose anymore Gather your power, what are you waiting for? Be the master of your own mind, flesh and bone Just a few warriors and a maiden of steel, but I'm not afraid I am not afraid I am not afraid Whisper my name At the end of all things we will get what we deserve So fight for your dreams and fight for what you believe No matter if you're insane, passion is stronger than pain Hold the cross high so I may see it through the flames I am not afraid I am not afraid Whisper my name Maiden of steel Try to destroy what you fear Maiden of steel At the end of all days We'll all see the same, we'll all be the same All battles are first won or lost, in the mind Rain starts to burn I am not afraid I am not afraid Whisper my name Maiden of steel Try to destroy what you fear Maiden of steel I was born to burn Whisper my name I was born to burn I was born to burn I was born to burn I am not afraid I was born to burn I was born to burn Maiden of steel I was born to burn Maiden of steel I was born to burn Maiden of steel I was born to burn Submitted by Eagles.

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